As an editor, I enjoy helping others express themselves with words and find their own unique style and voice. I don’t believe in just policing grammar rules; I want to help bring out the best in a story, whether it be a short article or a long novel.

As a designer, I like to place words and images to be aesthetically pleasing and help with readability. I have created newsletters, advertorials, brochures, event booklets, and novels – all to go to print.

I am happy to provide a full-service stop of publishing knowledge and skills to story-tellers of all sorts and projects of all sizes. I am a member of Editors Canada, I have an Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University, a Diploma of Journalism Arts from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, plus years of industry experience. Please click on the PROJECTS tab to see samples of my work.

If you need help in telling your story, feel free to contact me!

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